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Business Objective

Derive sentiments from the text that has emojis and characters

Our Solution

  • Developed NLP and Ensemble Machine Learning-based Sentiment Analysis model for the Arabic language.
  • Successfully developed ensemble-based machine learning model for sentiment analysis. Six different sentiments, very positive, positive, very-negative, negative, neutral, and mixed kinds of sentiment predicated from social network posts represented in Arabic.
  • This entire solution is based on online social network post data.
  • After collecting the social network post data for text-wise sentiment analysis we did all the pre-processing steps like filtration, tokenization, stop-word removal, stemming, spell checking.
  • We used Stanford core NLP for POS-tagging and TF-IDF vectorization in feature extraction. Then we developed the model using Ensemble Machine Learning Approached.
  • For emoji-based sentiment analysis we classified all emojis into six different sentiments, very-positive, positive, very-negative, negative, neutral, and mixed, and saved in a dictionary. Then we extracted all emojis from text and found the Unicode and matched it with the dictionary to find the final sentiment.
  • After finding the sentiment from each module we applied the ensemble machine learning approach, found the weighted average, and based on the weighted average we found the final sentiment