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Problem statement

  • As the number of phone calls from the caregivers asking for assistance to reset their password reaches the helpdesk on a daily basis, with limited resources, it was becoming difficult to manage high call rates.
  • Employees lacked a sense of community and a sense of connection with organization and their colleagues which was one of the main reasons for attrition.
  • As scheduling shifts was complex and lacked autonomy; Care providers were finding it difficult to balance client needs with their own realities.
  • The onboarding and training process was not making employees sustainably self-sufficient

Our Solution

  • To manage high call rates, we automated the regular requests like ‘Appointment Confirmation’, ‘Password Reset’ requests, etc. so that the Caregivers could do these themselves from the app directly.
  • The Employee App provides more options to employees to stay connected with the organization through its care provider recognition or loyalty program that recognizes and incentivizes clinical innovations and best practices. And this has improved employee satisfaction and thereby reduced attrition to a reasonable level.
  • Bringing in more visibility & flexibility in the employee engagement app offers greater scheduling autonomy for care providers
  • Regular onboarding and proper training via Employee app empower employees to provide consistent, quality care by being a medium for accessing training courses and educational resources on clinical techniques and best practices.