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Our mantra “CUSTOMER FIRST, TECHNOLOGY FIT” is aimed at giving wings to clients digital business needs. We founded this organization with a vision and objective of bringing customer centric outcome driven technology solutions to the SME segment in India and rest of the World.


ZoftSolutions Pvt Ltd (ISO 9001:2015 certified) was founded in 2016 - June. The company was conceived with the idea of bringing in cost-effective solutions for business agility within organizations, who wants to use digitization as a springboard to expand their business foot-print. Currently we offer outcome focused technology solutions to enterprises under verticals like Government, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail, Education, Logistics, Finance, BFSI, Automobile etc. We started with technology for custom development of Web & Desktop applications and now have built up capability and experience in Mobility solutions (Android, iOS & Hybrid), Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Business Intelligence Reporting ,Robotic Process Automation, Data on Need, IT infra services , Quality Assurance & Security Assurance Services.

Our Customer Focus and emphasis on quality has allowed us to grow 80% Y-O-Y to a current strength of 50+.We operate out of multiple locations within India with headquarters at Cochin, Kerala and also strategically operate out of New Delhi , Bangalore & Odisha . We also have international presence for our Middle East operations in Muscat. The company’s leadership team comes with Aggregated 80+ years of Delivery, Architecture & Consulting experience across Technology, Platforms and Domains from the Top 5 SI Vendors serving customers in India, APAC, NA, CE & ME; plus strong industry connect with experts across industry.

Our Approach

Our way of doing things, to put in a nutshell, is just about Shared Vision, Insight & Tailor Made Solutions.

Shared Vision

Shared vision with our customers not only aligns our interests with their objectives, but it also helps build a strong relationship with them which paves way for an enjoyable and fruitful engagement.


We partner with our clients to closely understand the possibilities of digitization within their business and help them optimize those costs that chews into their bottom line growth. With deep insight about the business, we would also be able to assess those areas which would in turn give our clients a market edge among their competitors.

Tailor Made Solutions

Challenges across an industry is not always unique and it varies between clients and market. Off-the-shelf solutions doesn't always fit right for clients, as most of the time, clients would end up paying for things which are of no use to their current business model. Right sized digital solutions and best fit technologies gives clients the control they require when they opt to go digital. ZoftSolutions understands this well and we tailor-make solutions for our customers.

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