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    Digital Transformation

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Problem Statement

The client is a healthcare start-up company in North America. The requirement came from the thought of having a companion for people with intellectual disabilities to manage activities of their daily living, routines & schedules; keep track of their body vitals; protect them with geo-fencing, etc. This would equip them to live safely and independently.

Our Solution

To meet the client’s expectations and the end goal, we developed an IoT-enabled solution that works with the Apple Watch and mobile platforms. It is an assistive device; a wearable companion that assists vulnerable populations (Autism Spectrum Disorder, Eldercare, Dementia, and those with Intellectual Disabilities) to better manage activities of daily living in order to facilitate and/or extend independence. Caregivers maintain a virtual tether to the wearer through a simple mobile application that monitors their well-being.

Solution Benefits/highlights:

  • Monitoring your loved one’s whereabouts and safety
  • Enhancing and extending your loved one’s independence
  • Managing and measuring your loved one’s routines
  • Increase your loved ones’ autonomy