December 7, 2021

Digital Transformation Drive

Business leaders must be prepared to handle complexity and scale for the future. And as the pace of digital transformation has accelerated and digital disruption has intensified in every industry, this particular event was a breakthrough to deliver future relevant insights through thought-provoking digital events and a Golfinar.

From brainstorming ideas to exploring how digital transformation can create enterprise value, and make the world a better place, the event curated by CXO’s and directors of organizations from various industries was a great success.


ZoftSolutions Canada Inc , kicked off a Digital Transformation drive “Play to win in the Digital Era” ; at the Rattlesnake Golf Club , Milton , Ontario with a Golfinar last June . The event brought together CXO’s and directors of organizations across industries to brainstorm about properly harnessing digital technologies to create their future business.

Digital Transformation Drive Golfinar


Digital Vs Transforming Digitally

Going Digital

There were discussions about convergence of technology innovations enabling connectivity, which most of the companies present where already on course. Transforming your business digitally is much more than converting your existing business in digital mode.

Digital Transformation is about bringing an overall organizational change by pivoting your current business using digital technologies and business models to improve business performance.

Mr.Mario Perez (GM Zoft Canada)


ZoftSolutions team lead by Mr.Mario Perez (GM Zoft Canada) ; introduced the buzz words in the industry today surrounding Digital Transformation and also showcased possibilities to bring in Non-Linear Innovation necessary to provide the new market shift with specific focus on:

  • Creating disruption
  • Redefining your set of customers
  • Reinventing the value offered to customers
  • Redesigning the end-to-end value chain architecture


Golfinar also provided the platform to brainstorm and network to find opportunities that can be leveraged using a Digital Business Model. There were dignitaries from Banks & Retail companies who pondered options on creating multi-product user experience to address life events and also eco-system drivers who wanted to provide more value to their customers by extracting more support on customer behaviour.

Zoft Team shared success stories and also discussed about transforming digital capabilities around Strategy & Innovation, Customer Decision Journey, Process Automation, Organization (Agile , Flexible & Collaborative) Technology ,Data &; Advanced Analytics. Besides the fun we had on course ; Golfinar served as a great opportunity to exchange knowledge , extend support and connect with companies .

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