April 14, 2022

How Can Rpa Help You Take The Next Step In Your Automation Journey At Homecare?

Despite the widespread use of robotic process automation technology for many years, many wonder where the technology will go from here. The basic idea behind RPA is to mimic human actions rather than human behavior, but what are the limits of automating this processes in your company? Well, with the integration of cognitive technologies and changing business processes across enterprises, the market is anticipated to evolve.

As of 2020, the global robotic process automation market was worth USD 1.57 billion and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.8% between 2021 and 2028.



With a highly competitive market, it is increasingly important to increase the speed of work and deliver superior customer service. A wide range of industries including homecare, healthcare, IT, and others are embracing RPA to increase productivity and efficiency and reduce overhead labor costs.

Benefits of Rpa in Homecare


As of now, what does the future look like?

Together, RPA and disruptive technologies like AI, ML, decision management, & NLP look great on paper, but how will they perform in reality? Through all years of extensive experience in implementing RPA into various industrial sectors, ZX Digital is here with a few real use cases that could unlock the true potential of RPA on the next step of your home healthcare automation journey:


Maintain Greater Visibility & Facilitate Transparent Collaboration between Customers & Caregivers:

Caregivers, also known as care partners/health supporters, regardless of the level of responsibility or autonomy, it’s important to give every client the option to share their personal information with caregivers in real-time.

In a study done by the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in California, over 92% of care partners surveyed reported that using a client portal was more convenient and faster and 87% reported that it helped with organizing health data information. They also indicated that having access to a client portal reduced travel time and enabled them to be more involved in their care duties by communicating directly with their clients for reviewing medication history & conditions.

Trusted by leading home care organizations, ZX Digital creates customized automated solutions powered by AI and RPA to take on complex and repetitive tasks more efficiently via online client portals.

The key advantage of the dedicated portal is that:

  • It helps clients and their family members to quickly view information about care schedules, invoices, and any important communication by a home care company
  • Better collaboration between customers and caregivers
  • Maintaining greater visibility into care services and facilitating transparent communication


Employee App to increase visibility & employee engagement functionalities:

For many home care organizations, scheduling shifts, employee onboarding, and training, etc. are still complex processes that lack autonomy & need attention. This further creates a lack of sense of connection between the organization and caregivers which is one of the main reasons for increased attrition rates.

To bring the situation to control, ZX Digital could help one of the leading home care providers by implementing RPA technology automated functionalities like appointment confirmation; password reset requests, etc. via an employee app. This helped our client in the following ways:

  • Easy communication between Employees & organization
  • Implementation of a loyalty program that recognizes and incentivizes clinical innovations and best practices
  • Improved employee satisfaction and thereby reduced attrition
  • More visibility & flexibility with easy scheduling
  • Enabled regular onboarding and proper training to provide consistent & quality care


Reduce the Administrative Burden:

Being one of Canada’s largest home care networks, our client was dealing with a lot of patient transaction data that needed to be processed on a daily basis while ensuring accuracy and security. As a result, our team adopted the UiPath Platform to streamline high-volume processes like claims processing, data entry, data extraction, etc. with a high level of accuracy and efficiency. In addition to drastically reducing turnaround time (TAT) in current processes, robotic process automation has paved the way for the organization to move faster toward digital transformation.

Some of the outcomes of the project include:

  • Reduced turnaround time (TAT)
  • Accelerate benefits from digital transformation
  • Improved security & compliance
  • Improved employee experience
  • Accurate planning & control over tasks


Automates Invoice Processing:

The organizations boasts of being one of the best healthcare service providers in the USA and was facing ingest huge volume of transactions which made the process highly labor-intensive and prone to possible errors and biases. A comprehensive analysis of all the above–mentioned challenges led the company to choose a service provider who could easily discover areas of automation and design scalable customized automation solutions.

The company chose ZX Digital as its automation partner for obvious reasons, particularly because of our proven credibility in providing top-notch digital transformation services.
Our automation experts initially monitored the entire invoice processing system, and optimized all these insights, to design and implemented a streamlined payable process that utilized RPA. Successful implementation of an automated payable process using RPA technology meant better transparency, reduction in operation costs, data accuracy and control, etc.


Improved HIPAA and data compliance:

Since violating HIPAA in the home healthcare industry has severe consequences, home care providers find it difficult to store and secure data, especially with increased reliance on multiple applications.
Managing data and complying with HIPAA standards is possible through RPA in form of role-based access control which allows private information to be accessed only by authentic persons. Homecare providers can also control data access using RPA, which is especially valuable to doctors, IT staff, or claims departments requiring different levels of access.


Remote Patient Monitoring:

After the age of 60 years or older, many people are diagnosed with health issues, and need maximum care in their homes & therefore implementation of remote patient monitoring (RPM) becomes necessary. From having regular checkups to keeping a track of their physiological data, routines, medications, etc., connected devices are a must-have.
RPA could automate this process easily. From sending BP and diabetes reminders to providing continuous surveillance, increasing access to virtual care, improving patient-provider communication, and improving the patient’s involvement in self-management, there are many important benefits to consider as given below:

  • Improves data-driven clinical decision making
  • Reduces patient expenses
  • Improves work productivity
  • Boosts caregiver connectivity and involvement
  • Improves patient experience and satisfaction


Closing Thoughts:

ZX Digital specializes in using RPA tools such as UI Path, to aid businesses in maximizing their efficiency through automated solutions that standardize repetitive tasks to reduce costs and errors.
In a nutshell, RPA is a valuable asset in the home healthcare industry. It allows for more efficient operations, and processing as well as improving patient care. Aside from offering free consulting to help you implement RPA, ZX Digital provides you with the right services to succeed, which include RPA consulting, development, design, and support.


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