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Identify and Keep Track of People with Intellectual Disabilities to Manage their Daily Routines & Schedules using an IoT-enabled Solution

Problem Statement

The client is a healthcare start-up company in North America. The requirement came from the thought of having a companion for people with intellectual disabilities to manage activities of their daily living, routines & schedules; keep track of their body vitals; protect them with geo-fencing, etc. This would equip them to live safely and independently.

Our Solution

To meet the client’s expectations and the end goal, we developed an IoT-enabled solution that works with the Apple Watch and mobile platforms. It is an assistive device; a wearable companion that assists vulnerable populations (Autism Spectrum Disorder, Eldercare, Dementia, and those with Intellectual Disabilities) to better manage activities of daily living in order to facilitate and/or extend independence. Caregivers maintain a virtual tether to the wearer through a simple mobile application that monitors their well-being.

Solution Benefits/highlights:

  • Monitoring your loved one’s whereabouts and safety
  • Enhancing and extending your loved one’s independence
  • Managing and measuring your loved one’s routines
  • Increase your loved ones’ autonomy

Key features:


Uses easy to follow visual step-by-step instruction system. Provide as much or as little detail as you want to help guide your loved ones through a task.

Activity Tracking

Maintaining movement goals for your loved one is a critical component for long-term health. The app provides insights into heart rate and motion

Circle of Care

Provides inclusive support for family, friends, primary, and secondary caregivers.


This discrete and informal process provides peace of mind that your loved one is doing well and staying on track.


Receive alerts whenever your loved one enters or leaves a predefined defined location.

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