April 21, 2022

Top Features to Improve Operational Efficiency of Home Healthcare Company

Currently, the home healthcare industry is overburdened by high costs, a high volume of patients, and strict regulations. Such pressures may compromise the quality and timeliness of patient care. While the drive to reduce costs is compelling, it must be balanced against the need to improve the patient experience and meet regulations that often involve tedious paper works and reporting.

Throughout Canada’s aging population and growing interest in home healthcare, more and more people are turning away from institutional care and embracing home care or ‘aging in place’ regardless of their age or ability.


From USD 198.9 billion in 2021 to USD 298.2 billion in 2026, the global home healthcare market size is expected to increase at CAGR of 8.4%. This growth can be attributed to the increasing elderly population and the increasing incidence of chronic diseases, as well as technological advancements in home care services.



As a leading home healthcare solutions provider, ZoftSolutions have gained an in-depth understanding of the homecare systems. In light of this and our extensive experience in the global homecare market, we recommend the following top features to improve operational efficiency in your home care organization:

Integrated Software Platform: Unlocking efficiencies with an integrated software platform will enable homecare agencies to do more with less. Having a single software platform for all home-based services will provide the following benefits:

  • Reducing redundant data entry
  • Minimizes errors and duplication
  • To efficiently manage employee time and overtime
  • No need to train employees in multiple systems


Leverage Mobility:

Time is always a constraint for caregivers. For efficient and effective visits, they need access to client information quickly and easily. Utilizing mobile solutions for health care workers provides them with all the information they need to efficiently complete a visit at the point of care while saving time, increasing safety & provide accurate and efficient reporting. If you have not yet implemented a software solution, take into account one that offers a mobile solution to streamline processes, reduce spending, and save your employees time.


Real-Time Information:

Having access to the patient’s electronic health record in real time before administering care ensures the right services are provided to the right patient at the right time. Additionally, automated software allows you to verify the patient’s identity and eligibility for services, which provides a complete audit trail that, improves accountability and reduces the risk for both the patient and the home care agency.


Integrate Effective Authorization Management with Billing & Scheduling:

Integrated authorization management with proactive alerts and validations is crucial to improving operational efficiency. For home care agencies, the billing and scheduling area is an excellent opportunity to increase revenues, reduce labor costs, and optimize employee utilization. Be certain the software includes:

  •  Tools to make scheduling shifts and visits easier without manual workarounds
  • Smart matching between patient preferences and caregiver availability and skills
  • Improved field workforce utilization
  • Secured communication with HIPAA-compliant messages, schedule reminders, and real-time monitoring


Clinical Documentation:

For home care agencies, this is another area of opportunity for optimizing the use of employees and improving the quality of care. At the point of care, make sure your digital platform is easy to use and provides access to patient clinical information across multiple service lines along with:

  • Real-time updates to care plans
  • Care quality improvement- Alerting clinicians to missed medications, treatments, vital signs, measurements, etc., to improve patient safety and satisfaction.


Payroll Integration:

Managing payroll is a time-consuming, critical, and time-sensitive operation for home care agencies without much margin for error. Therefore, payroll accuracy is crucial for home care companies to maintain high employee satisfaction levels.

  • Managing overtime and exceptions- Using an effective software platform can help agencies minimize manual effort in managing overtime, shift differentials, and exceptions to pay rates.
  • Flexible, configurable payroll validations and integrations prevent payroll errors


To Summarize:

To meet homecare organization performance targets while maintaining a high level of patient care and caregiver service, a balance has to be struck. It’s all about doing more with less. In order to meet the rising demand for home care services, companies will need to leverage technology to manage their operations while upholding specific standards.

ZoftSolution’s customized home care software services provides clients end-to-end possibilities that enables information whenever and wherever needed while providing the critical backbone needed for a governance and compliance system.

From intake to scheduling, mobile options, secure messaging, notifications, reporting, and dashboards, streamlined workflow, meeting regulatory requirements, improve quality of care, optimize reimbursement, and operational efficiency; we support almost all areas of home care with our enterprise-scale software services.

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